Services Offered


Allow me to be your hypewoman! Let me make your audience excited and energized of what's to come! I also have a good background in community building so I will do what it takes to make the crowd feel right at home.

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My streaming career started in late 2017. I got my Twitch Partner status on March 8, 2018. I have always been focused on community building and expanding reach. I have since then transferred to Facebook Gaming and have managed to grow my channel despite switching platforms. Quality is the number one priority for me in terms of the stream's aesthetic and content.


Content Creation

In my former years, I was very keen on the realm of blogging and vlogging (Youtube). I learned a lot of creative tools and skills in that process. Throughout all of that, I have also managed to develop a personal style for all of my content.

I can write a good review, do unboxing videos, promote your brand/product through social media postings and the like.